Brownstein’s James Olstein Featured in Latest Edition of HiRes Podcast

PHILADELPHIA (January 19, 2016)– Brownstein Group Art Director James Olstein is featured on the latest edition of HiRes Podcast.

In addition to his work at Brownstein Group, Olstein is the inventive mind behind Illustrated Science, a series of quirky and inventive drawings depicting amazing and sometimes unbelievable science facts. Art always came first for James, but he was marrying art and science even at an early age with science projects in school. When he decided he wanted to take on a passion project that would help him hone his illustrative style, science seemed like the perfect fit. James walked us through some of his illustrations and even created one just for this episode. Check it out here along with some of his more recent work for the Boston Globe and Mental Floss magazine.

Click HERE to listen to the entire interview

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