Brownstein Helps to Bring Mural Arts Philadelphia to the Palm of Your Hand

PHILADELPHIA (September 29, 2016)–  Mural Arts Philadelphia has always strived to make art easily accessible to all. And now, thanks to a new app developed by Brownstein Group, Philadelphia’s famous murals can be accessed in the palm of your hand. A web based app, all users need is a smart phone and Internet access to begin searching murals spread throughout the city.

The development team at Brownstein Group wanted to make something that was easy for everyone to use and gave both residents and visitors the chance to experience the magic of the Mural Arts Program with nothing more than their phone and their feet. What started as a small project spearheaded by a junior designer has grown into to a responsive web app that includes hundreds of Mural Arts murals in all corners of the city.

So how does it work exactly? Use the “Explore” feature to see all murals close to your current location. Click on an icon to reveal details about the mural and its artist. Users can even report any damage done to the mural. Looking for a specific artist or mural? Click on the “Search” tab and see all results that match your search. Want to go on a customized tour based on your location? Click on the “Tours” tab and select a route. The app will be continuously updated with newest murals and even has the capability to include specific points of interest like bars, restaurants, coffee shops and other famous landmarks.

Click HERE to start exploring Philadelphia’s murals.

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