Blog Post: Why I Returned to My Midsize Agency Roots

By: Carrie McCament

When I entered the marketing field, I began client side and then moved on to working for a privately held, family-owned company. I learned volumes about catering to a midsize business and spent my early years dipping my toes into the agency pool. Over time, I fell in love with the agency business. For the next 25 years, I would make giant strides in my career, focusing on global accounts with major industry footprints, working for large agencies inside of holding companies like Omnicom, Publicis and Interpublic Group. Eventually, I rose to a position where I was no longer executing the work, but overseeing it. My days in senior management were spent running the business from a high level and meeting goals of course, but also reflecting on my career path. I recognized how much I had grown as a professional, and took an inventory of the success I had achieved thus far. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. I miss the WORK.”

So, I did what many do when they hit a crossroad in life – I took a sabbatical. I spent time with my family. I traveled. I returned to my piano. I kicked the cobwebs off my mountain bike. I figured that I needed a career change, but in what sense? Should I buy a franchise? Do I want to own my own business? My recruiters sent me numerous jobs in an attempt to persuade me to re-enter the agency workforce, but I had my own agenda. It wasn’t until the point when one of my recruiters informed me of the opening at Brownstein Group that I began to listen. Reading the job description, I was drawn to the fact that the agency was family-owned and that they have been in business for over 50 years. It felt like reading a passage from my past. I found Brownstein to be uniquely positioned to allow me to get back to my roots.

At its core, BG is a 53-year-old company with a focus on putting the work first. The agency is bursting at the seams with smart, strategic people who have created a nimble firm that’s willing to do more for their clients (and asking for less to do so). Each of their clients is treated with white glove service and provided highly customized experience – yielding a longer tenure than the industry standard. In analyzing their previous endeavors, I could tell that each account, big or small, had been handled with the utmost care. I found that they were an agency purposely engineered to connect brands to consumers through a blend of socially driven content and more traditional means. It was a breath of fresh air in the malaise of agency identity crisis in a digital age. Ultimately, the company’s deeply rooted values and the opportunity to return to actually doing the work that I love swayed me to take the position of Chief Marketing Officer.

Now, my day-to-day is much more hands-on, whether it’s in the marketing communications sector, building a vertical story, selling to a client or pitching an account. No matter what I’m doing, I’m always close to the epicenter of what Brownstein Group does best – through our client’s lens, searching for the most compelling insight, the ultimate creative solve and the most impactful expression of a brand and ultimately, providing long-term business value. Throughout my experience, I’ve discovered that clients are seeking a solution that connects them with their market in an all-encompassing way. Moreover, they want to be assured that their agency is actually listening. Brownstein Group is that solution.

Now, as 2016 draws to a close, I am looking towards a bright future for both myself and Brownstein Group. We are a midsize agency ready to react to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace – while not forgetting that the message is as important as the medium. We have our hands in a variety of channels and a stellar team of public relations experts, content writers, and brand strategists ready to take leaps and bounds for clients. I look forward to utilizing my experience to aid Brownstein Group in their endeavors, connecting old school advertising with new business platforms to create rare and powerful messages. My seaside post card shop will have to wait a while.

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