PHILADELPHIA (May 29, 2015)– According to writer Tanya Dua, agency business cards aren’t just rectangular pieces of paper with contact details — they are windows into agencies’ very souls. Whether subtly classy or playfully quirky, each card offers a glimpse into what the agency stands for.

And that’s just what BG was trying to convey when the agency developed what Digiday refers to as “the mullet of business cards: business in the front; party in the back.”

The front of each employee’s card is the same with BG’s logo and contact information but the back of every employee’s card is different, as each employee gets to chose an image that they feel best represents their personality or interests.

“We’re a brand communications agency that creates unique brand identities for our clients so we want our business cards to underscore that idea,” said Marc Brownstein, Brownstein Group President & CEO. “We want each employee to have a card that reflects their own personal brand and identity that creates a lasting impression on each person that they meet.”

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