A Day in the Life of Marc Brownstein Detailed in January Issue of Philadelphia Magazine

PHILADELPHIA (January 5, 2016)– Ever wonder what a day in the life of Brownstein Group CEO & President Marc Brownstein is like? A new feature in the January issue of Philadelphia Magazine details where Marc eats, shops and exercises.

Running the show at Brownstein Group, Marc fields over 200 emails a day and 40 meetings per week and, somehow, still manages to clock in some major miles on the bike (110 weekly, to be exact). He juggles regular lunches with his father Berny, sits on multiple charity boards, and maintains great style all the while. Find out where he shops, what he drinks, and how in the world he gets so much energy to do it all. “I typically wake up at 5:40 a.m. and meet a few buddies for an 18-mile bike ride to get the day started. On my way into work, I stop at La Colombe on 19th Street to grab a cup of coffee.

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