Verlasso Salmon Rebrand

Never be afraid to swim against the stream.

When most people think of salmon farming, the image they get is anything but appetizing. Traditional salmon farms produced oily, unappealing and environmentally unsustainable fish. Luckily, Verlasso was anything but traditional. Verlasso’s harmonious farming methods were modeled after nature itself. They simultaneously reduced the environmental impact and actually made for a brighter, more delicious fish. Now they just needed people to know about it.

Conventional marketing barely broke the surface of the story we needed to tell, so we devised something a bit more immersive. Using people’s cell phones as a point-of-sale device, we could show how and where each salmon was raised, the environmental benefit of buying it and even offer up some recipe suggestions.

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  • Communication Art Annuals Award in Product/Service Brochure category
  • FPO Award in Offset Brochure Category