Actions Matter

Actions truly speak louder.

Whoever said insurance is a commodity was right. For The Graham Company, the Mid-Atlantic region’s top commercial insurance firm, that means working that much harder to engage clients at a level that removes price from the equation. The solution was to define Graham’s approach to insurance brokerage from a passive to an active vocation. This strategy formed the basis of their new brand, rooted in the tagline “Actions Matter.”




The Graham Company

  • 2014 PRSA Ladle for Marketing Business to Business
  • 2012 PR Daily Media Relations Awards Honorable Mention for “Best Response to Breaking News”
  • 2012 PRSA Ladle for Feature Stories
  • 2011 PRSA Pepperpot for Newsletter
  • 2010 PRSA Ladle for Newsletter
  • 2009 PRSA Ladle for Reputation/Brand Management

Telling a Compelling Story

With a durable, compelling messaging platform in place, the public relations team continues to execute a multifaceted media relations campaign that in the first year alone yielded 62 feature articles plus 12 bylined articles in key construction industry publications, reaching an audience of over 9 million.

Every year we secure over 60 media placements across construction, manufacturing, health care, human resources, insurance, regional business and other related outlets, successfully reaching a highly targeted audience of CFOs and other decision-makers. The program, now concluding its fifth year, has resulted in over 350 unique media placements.

On the Forefront of Breaking News

In June 2012, BG executed a strategic media relations campaign in response to the year’s biggest piece of breaking news: the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Everyone was speculating on the Supreme Court’s ruling, but very few thought leaders were actually making sense of what the outcome would mean to individuals and employers.

Since Graham is often pegged as “a regional benefits broker,” Brownstein Group challenged them to take their employee benefits and health care reform expertise to the national stage via a breaking news response strategy. During the height of speculative reporting on the Court’s ruling, we offered media a Graham representative who could translate the possible outcomes so that when the verdict dropped and frenzy ensued, they would already be done their legwork regardless of the outcome—appealing to national news outlets that were all clamoring to print a headline first.

We secured three print features and three corresponding online features in USA Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Business Journal. Two of the three print features were front-page stories, reaching 38 million readers. In all of our coverage, we were the only regional insurance broker quoted, and for that matter, the only broker of any size sourced. The latter was hugely important in helping us achieve our program goals of improving Graham’s competitive position among national insurance brokers.

Content Marketing

In 2013, Brownstein Group again challenged Graham, this time, to leverage its wealth of online content to better market to prospective clients. Brownstein Group had previously developed and designed Graham’s website, including a library of thought leadership materials housed within a robust “Knowledge Center” on the site. The Public Relations campaign provides about 12-15 whitepapers per year to the site, but sought to increase direct web traffic to these pages by 15% by year-end 2013. Optimizing the content would effectively provide topical authority value to Graham’s site, which results in more keyword impressions on search engines. Since optimizing the whitepapers with timely search terms, there has been an increase in search visibility and direct visits, which had increased approximately 14.3% by the end of Q2 2013.