The spotlight now comes without glare

01 07

AwardsBeing in the spotlight now comes without the glare

The SageGlass website has been recognized nationally, earning multiple W3 and Internet Advertising Awards.

The website beat out over 5,000 other entries in the W3 Awards to take home the Best in Show distinction in the Website Features-Home Page category and was also honored with Gold and Silver Awards in the General Website Categories-Construction; General Website Categories-Manufacturing; and Websites Features-Visual Appeal categories, respectively. The Best in Show designation is only awarded to the top 1 percent of all work entered. Run by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, The W3 Awards honor creative excellence on the web and recognize the creative and marketing professionals behind the award-winning sites, videos, and marketing programs.

The Internet Advertising Awards also named SageGlass’ website the “Best Construction Website.” The IAC Awards are designed to honor the individuals and organizations responsible for driving excellence in online advertising across 96 industries and a range of formats, including online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email and social media. Winners were selected based on criteria such as creativity, innovation, impact, use of the medium and memorability.

02 07

BackgroundLook again

SageGlass represents nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings—the ultimate connector between our built and natural environments. Health, comfort, beauty and well-being are inextricably linked to nature. Now, with SageGlass, architects have the opportunity to design environments that offer an unobstructed connection to the natural environment.

SageGlass isn’t just the leader in electrochromic glass—in 1989, they were the first to develop the technology. Now, with over 500 patents and manufactured in the world’s most advanced electrochromic plant, SageGlass makes one product: the world’s most intelligent, reliable electrochromic glass that is as dynamic as the people it benefits.

SageGlass invented the technology, and defined the market. Now it needed a global online experience to do justice to its transformative nature.

03 07

Digital StrategyUnobstructed insight

At the onset of this project, our strategic team launched into an extensive brand and competitive set audit. They spoke with architects, designers, contractors and consumers. They researched and surveyed a whole host of audience segments and identified that unique deliverable that only SageGlass provided uniformly for them. Armed with these insights we brought the broader team of strategists, UX designers, developers and content creators together to hone our digital strategy for achieving business goals while ensuring engaging, targeted experiences. From site mapping, to wireframes, enhanced wireframes, designs and programming the team collaboratively built a solid site on the foundation of sound strategically informed insights.

04 07

User ExperienceMaking decisions clearer

The ideal SageGlass customer has clearly defined standards and objectives no matter the scale of their project. With this in mind, our UX designers worked closely with the digital strategy team, information architects, product engineers, and our client partners to become immersed in the customer decision journey. This ensured that all along the design path we were creating an informational and inspirational user experience that would also show the benefit of electrostatic glass. We crafted imagery that informed while it engaged and dynamically demonstrated the positive effect that incorporating SageGlass can have in the spaces in which it is installed.

05 07

Concept ArtRendering the audience speechless

What if you could create your ideal living and working environment within four walls? What if it responded to your needs, maintaining the perfect temperature and brightness, no matter the time of day?

The heart of the website is the series of epic, painterly renderings that show the full potential of how SageGlass can radically change the way we experience the built environment. Developed in partnership with BrickVisual, the Hungary-based architectural visualization studio, we wanted to vividly demonstrate what we coined The “Sage Bloom.”

The “Sage Bloom” is the moment of interaction between the technology, the glass, and the natural environment. It can be described at length — but until you experience it in person, it’s impossible to appreciate its profound impact. Our renderings, both still and in motion, capture the essence of this transformation.

06 07

The DesignVisionary by design

The design concept was governed by three crucial requirements. It needed to communicate the highly visual and experiential nature of SageGlass’s performance in an immediate, breathtaking, clear, emotional way. It needed to create palpable desire to experience these environments in person.

Also, because SageGlass was defining an emerging technology and its market, it needed to explain, with precision and clarity, the functionality, benefits, and implications of this technology to architects, specifiers, and building owners.

Lastly, SageGlass has many distinctive benefits specific to various industry segments like healthcare, higher education, commercial offices, and cultural institutions. By combining stunning visuals, expressive infographics, and direct, plainspoken copy we needed to make a provocative case for SageGlass’ role in complex architectural settings.

07 07

Responsive DesignExceptional on the go

The audience for this website can tend to be very mobile on any given business day and the website needed to ensure a positive experience. Our development team worked closely with our design and UX / UI teams and dove into the code to create a dynamic and responsively programmed website. This approach and close collaboration provided an equally rich engagement whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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