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Invention that became an industry

SageGlass started with their electrochromic glass that tints on-demand, controlling light and heat in any type of building, and they needed a website that could do their creation justice. The result was an online experience that has been nationally recognized, earning multiple awards for creative excellence.

Our window of opportunity

To understand the product, the brand, the industry, and the competition, our strategists talked to architects, glazers, contractors, and consumers. They researched and surveyed audience segments and determined what made SageGlass stand apart.

The ideal SageGlass customer needs a clear sense of their goals and standards, so our digital team became immersed in the customer decision journey. They created a design path that was both informational and inspirational, while highlighting the benefits SageGlass can have in any type of space.

Then, our team of UX designers, developers, and content creators came together to determine how SageGlass could achieve business goals while also engaging targeted audiences.


Creative Execution

The design of this site had to be evocative enough to make people want to experience SageGlass in real life. But since electrochromic glass was still a new technology, it had to go beyond the emotional impact and explain the functionality, benefits, and implications of the product to architects, specifiers, and building owners. By combining stunning visuals, expressive infographics, and plainspoken copy, the site made a strong case for SageGlass’ role in all modern architectural settings.

To illustrate how SageGlass transforms any space, the visual experience of the website needed to be as dynamic as the glass itself.  In partnership with BrickVisual, a Hungary-based architectural visualization studio, we worked together to create the “Sage Bloom,” or that moment when the glass tints. Through this series of interactive renderings, people could experience the impact of the glass for themselves, making it real.

Seeing the future more clearly

The website was named “Best in Show” at the W3 Awards, a distinction only given to the top 1% of all work entered. It also took home 2 Gold Awards for the “Construction” and “Manufacturing” categories, as well as a Silver Award for “Website Features: Visual Appeal.” And at the Internet Advertising Awards, the site was recognized as the “Best Construction Website.”

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