Mural Arts Philadelphia Mobile App

Exploring art appreciation, step by step.

Philadelphia. The city known for Rocky, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels…and murals. Currently, more than 3,600 stunning murals now adorn walls and buildings throughout the city.

These colorful works of art have become a bona fide attraction, so Mural Arts Philadelphia asked Brownstein Group to create an app that would let people access the magic of these murals with just their phone and their feet. The result is a highly intuitive experience that lets users select customized tours based on their location. They can also search and explore murals based on mural name or specific artist. As an added feature, the app provides specific details about the mural and its artist. Now, thanks to technological wizardry, art appreciation has become a hands-on experience.

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Mural Arts

  • Named BizBash Top 3 Entertaining Ideas in Philadelphia in 2017