Rebrand & Social Media Execution

Creating a recipe for success

Since opening his first restaurant in Philadelphia in 2005 and earning the coveted title of Food Network’s Iron Chef, Jose Garces has become one of the leading Latin-American chefs and restaurateurs—owning a thriving restaurant group that not only operates more than a dozen dining locations across the country, but also boasts a booming events division, a prospering 40-acre organic farm and a successful foundation. Needless to say, the business was juggling many plates. So Garces Group turned to Brownstein Group to develop a brand strategy and new logo that would better unify its many divisions.



Garces Group

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A Dish Best Served Cold

For Brownstein Group, the proof was in the pudding. When fans hear the name Garces they instantly picture Chef Jose himself, donning his coat and personally cooking every meal. Therefore the soul and very DNA of the brand must stay rooted in the chef as a foodie, a farmer, and a family friend. BG drew from the deeper universal values and attributes of Chef Jose’s Latin-American heritage to build a brand platform rooted in the rich customs of Latin hospitality and cooking that are true to all of Garces Group’s employees, divisions, products, and services.

With Garces Group taking a Latin twist on hospitality, BG developed a new logo combining the bold colors and obvious handmade aesthetic of Latin-American street art with an unexpected twist on verbal Latin cues—creating a custom hand-painted type that shares the same vibrant soul and care that the brand puts into every aspect of the business.

Plating, It's All About Presentation

With a new brand identity firmly in place, Brownstein Group provided a strategic go-to market communications plan that included both internal/external marketing tactics, as well as developed a robust public relations plan that was shared with Garces Group’s other agency partners to ensure alignment across every aspect of brand communications.

In addition, BG executed a refresh of Garces Group’s social media channels to better align with its bolder view on Latin hospitality, including developing a new tone of voice, as well as a refined content and image strategy. Over the next year, BG managed the group’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages—putting out an average of 20 pieces of new content a week and successfully improving the brand’s customer awareness and engagement. In just the first month alone, BG increased the total number of engagements on Instagram by over 2,500%. Over the next 6 months, the brand also saw consistent double-digital growth in followers on a majority of platforms.