DuPont Sorona®

How we developed a global brand without ever losing the thread.

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BackgroundFinding the uncommon thread

Sorona® isn’t just eco-efficient performance fiber for carpet and apparel. It defines softness, transforms fabrics into experiences and embraces you like an old friend—all while using natural ingredients and a sustainable production process. A product this impressive should be a household name—so why wasn’t it?

When DuPont Sorona® approached Brownstein Group, the fiber had been in the market for over a decade, but the Sorona® brand was still in its infancy. It was our job to weave together a narrative, design a cohesive look and feel, and bring this message to the right people, from mills and manufacturers all the way to consumers.

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A New BrandDiscovering the look and feeling of Sorona®

While the Sorona® brand had yet to be developed, they did come to us with a single phrase: “Discover the feeling.” It was up to us to find a way to make this relevant and compelling to audiences across the supply chain. So we interviewed sales reps, researched competitors and developed a channel plan that would engage mill owners, manufacturers, designers and consumers alike. We determined what made Sorona® stand out, and created a messaging framework around the idea that Sorona® fiber feels good, looks good and does good.

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PhotographyCapturing a force of nature

The elevated brand we were creating needed photography that would sell Sorona® in a single, compelling snapshot.

For apparel, this came to life in a photo shoot that focused on telling a story through place. Each setting is filled with specific details that add to the narrative and authenticity of the moment—because people fall in love with fabrics that match the realness of everyday life. And by highlighting its tactile qualities, strength and movement, we gave people a reason to fall in love with Sorona®.

For carpets, we pushed the brand even further beyond what people expect from this category. With photos that are abstract, high fashion and sensual, we made Sorona® carpet irresistible. We lifted it from its place on the floor and turned it into a thing of beauty.

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Creative ExecutionsWeaving it all together

Like the photography, every piece of creative we developed needed to showcase Sorona® as a premium product. For the website, this meant using minimalist design that was elegant and versatile, speaking to all kinds of brands as well as manufacturers and consumers. It also meant developing a headline theory that was active and empowering, and infusing the body copy with evocative language and descriptive imagery that made the benefits of Sorona® feel tactile and real.

We carried this tone and design approach across all of our collateral, from brochures and hang tags to co-branded pieces with brand partners across the globe. The effect was a brand message that felt cohesive and an audience that was beginning to discover what “the feeling of Sorona®” was all about.

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Social MediaTrending for good

Now that Sorona® had a story, we were ready to share it. Sorona® had no existing social presence so we took our cues from the photography and creative executions to launch @Soronafiber on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We built on Sorona®’s identity as a leader in sustainable living, with posts that feature everything from environmental statistics and tips to yoga stretches and inspirational quotes.

As an extension of these social campaigns, we partnered with an Instagram influencer who captured several new lifestyle images featuring Sorona®. Like our photo theory, these images showed Sorona® in the moment – being used, worn and loved. And when she shared these images with her followers, it helped grow Sorona®’s audience, too.

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PR & Media RelationsStitching the story with purpose

To make Sorona® synonymous with softness, performance and sustainability across an entire industry, we had to go a step beyond sharing: we had to get it in front of the right people. That meant developing relationships with reporters and influencers from textile, carpet and apparel media outlets to highlight Sorona® as a leader in eco-conscious, performance fibers.

We also showcased Sorona® through trade shows, award submissions, and brand partners, never missing an opportunity to share and connect with new people.

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ResultsCreating a sustainable brand

In 12 months, we’ve helped the fiber that can do anything reach its full potential, getting the Sorona® brand into over 15 trade publications and reaching over 5,000 fans with nearly 12,000 engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We’ve even made it stand out in a crowded industry, winning a silver honor in the World Textile Awards’ Fiber Producer of the Year category and a finalist for the 2016 Best Carpet Award. Our work has paved the way to new partnerships and helped the industry see what’s possible with Sorona® in a whole new way.