Building Better Product Placements

CertainTeed enlisted Brownstein Group to help support the brand’s sponsorship of Season 2 of HOME FREE, a FOX reality TV show co-hosted by Mike Holmes and Tim Tebow, where 10 participants compete in weekly building challenges in order to win a new home for their personal heroes. While viewers of the show were the perfect fit for CertainTeed’s target audience, with over 25 other corporate partners also attached to the program, the brand was looking for a way to stand out—maximizing their investment by further capitalizing on the limited number of logo placements and brand mentions provided through the sponsorship.

BG was tasked with developing a campaign that would have a measurable impact for CertainTeed and its products—not only through heightened brand awareness, but also increased web traffic, social engagement, and actionable sales leads.



Laying the Foundation

To make an impact in the mind of today’s consumer, brand communications have to extend beyond a single touch point. Potential customers come in contact with hundreds of brand names a day, so to ultimately break through the clutter, CertainTeed products would need to become personally relevant to viewers of HOME FREE—whether it be a current/potential homeowner or residential contractor. Therefore, BG developed a strategic approach rooted in digital that was built to reinforce key messaging for each product seen on the show.

Content with Curb Appeal

The campaign included creating consumer-friendly, highly engaging social media content using imagery provided by FOX from the show. Each post aimed to drive traffic to a responsive microsite (also designed by BG), which included information on the products used in each episode and ways to learn more about CertainTeed’s other products and tools for home remodeling. Overall, messaging was focused on the end-user benefits and personal experience of being in an environment where CertainTeed products are installed, a tonal shift allowing fans to more easily relate to each product, while also tagging FOX, HOME FREE, and co-hosts Mike Holmes and Tim Tebow, as well as using trending hashtags and common housing puns to drive visibility and engagement. In fact, due to the consumer-centric nature of HOME FREE, the campaign also marked the re-launch of the brand’s Instagram page, which hadn’t been actively used for several months. And to ensure increased visibility and prompt more meaningful engagements, BG supported the campaign with a paid post strategy that used behavioral targeting to reach both current and non-viewers of the show.

In addition, BG developed and managed a home renovation-inspired sweepstakes in partnership with professional contractor and co-host Mike Holmes that would entice immediate action and provide an opportunity for instant customer data capture. The “DREAM HOLMES” sweepstakes included the chance to win an in-home design consultation with CertainTeed designers, and all-expense paid trip for 2 to the 2017 International Builders Show for lunch with Mike Holmes and up to $5,000 in CertainTeed products to use in a home renovation project, in return for fans submitting their name, email address, zip code, and confirmation on upcoming home purchase/remodeling needs.

A Measurable Impact

Over the course of the 60-day program, CertainTeed posted 66 pieces of unique social media content for Facebook and Instagram created by BG that garnered over 23.9K fan engagements (likes, comments, shares) and drove upwards of 8.5K visits to the CertainTeed website. BG’s shift in tone for social content was also well received right out of the gate, with the campaign’s inaugural Facebook post earning 232 positive reactions, 9 comments and 33 shares in just 48 hours—a 98.5% increase in engagements over a similar post featuring Mike Holmes uploaded to CertainTeed’s page the week prior.

Additionally, as a result of the engaging and inspirational-nature of the content, fans of the brand also doubled on Instagram over the course of the campaign.

As for lead generation, while only live for the first 45 days of the campaign, the “DREAM HOLMES” sweepstakes garnered a total of 15,124 entries.