PHILADELPHIA (December 8, 2015)– Interested in creating a survey that customers will actually fill out? Brownstein Group Senior Brand Strategist Justin Melnick recently spoke with to give readers eight tips on how to make surveys more engaging.

1. Have a goal in mind
Before creating a survey, it’s important to have a defined goal. What do you want the survey to accomplish? The answer shouldn’t be vague like “to learn what customers want” it should be more defined. For example, “creating a survey to learn how to improve customer satisfaction during online purchases” is a focused goal.

2. Decide how to conduct the survey
Will you conduct the survey on Facebook, send it out via email or host it on your website? You can use multiple channels to capture a larger audience. Here are a few tools to help:
• SurveyMonkey. Tool to create and email surveys.
• SurveyGizmo. Survey tool that allows for embedded pictures and videos.
• Polldaddy. Embed polls on websites and apps.

3. Offer an incentive
Offering incentives is nothing new in the marketing world. Dangling a little carrot is an easy to way to get participation, Melnick says.

What incentives work best? Monetary incentives provide higher response rates than gifts, according to Stanford research. A small percentage taken off monthly subscriptions fees, a $5 gift card or coupons are good ideas.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a monetary incentive, but it should be useful.

“Make your incentive something that will appeal to the customer and their interests,” Melnick says. “Know your audience first to make sure the incentive you are offering is something they’d want to use.”

Adding points to loyalty programs or making a contribution to a charity are other options.

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