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Actions Matter

Whoever said insurance is a commodity was right. For The Graham Company, the Mid-Atlantic region’s top commercial insurance firm, that means working that much harder to engage clients at a level that removes price from the equation. The solution was to define Graham’s approach to insurance brokerage from a passive to an active vocation. This strategy formed the basis of their new brand, rooted in the tagline “Actions Matter.”





Voice of the Job Seeker

Beyond, an online career network of more than 40 million members, engaged BG to execute a public relations campaign targeting top-tier national media, business outlets and general consumers. In a struggling economy with substantial competition for inclusion in employment stories, BG had to increase brand awareness and steal share of voice from “household name” companies like LinkedIn and CareerBuilder. We recognized the need to offer reporters something unique from the competition: the voice of the job seeker.



AmerisourceBergen is the leader in global pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services. They came to us to help them figure out a way to get all of the stuff they know to the right people—like manufacturers, providers, health system pharmacies and community pharmacies. We created a site, that from architecture to design, got their sea of knowledge to the right audiences in an easily digestible, sortable way.


Cozen O’Connor Rebranding

Cozen O’Connor was a major force in the legal field, but you had to be in a courtroom to know about it. They needed to tell their story in a new and exciting way—something legal advertising isn’t exactly famous for. We looked to their tough, results-driven heritage for our inspiration. With its unexpected imagery and hard-hitting copy, our campaign not only did justice to their reputation—when it came to legal ads, it raised the bar.

Comcast 20-Minute Advantage Campaign

Time is money.

Comcast Business had a good product. Their reps knew the frustrations that face small business owners and how to help them get the most out of their Internet service. Only problem was: nobody knew about it.

Everyone we interviewed told us the same thing: “time is money.” So we put that idea to work. We asked Comcast if they could help their customers in 20 minutes or less. And their answer inspired a national television campaign.

After a very successful initial rollout and an enthusiastic adoption by the sales force, the 20-Minute Advantage promotion has been extended indefinitely.