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IKEA Coloring Book

Sometimes it’s okay to color inside the lines.

IKEA LED Challenge

As part of their focus on sustainability, IKEA tasked us with creating a game spotlighting energy-saving LED bulbs (the only type IKEA sells in its stores). Against a soundtrack featuring the perfect amount of blips and bloops, the player clicks on incandescent bulbs as they fall, magically converting them to lower energy LED bulbs. At the end of the game, the player is able to see how much energy they “saved” based on their score. To further drive the green message home, the last screen features a “Did you know” fact – a bite–sized snippet about LED energy savings. A fun game, an earth-friendly message. Everyone’s a winner!


Video content has become integral to capturing people’s attention on social media. BG has created a series of short-form videos for IKEA USA to engage their fans on social. The goal—provide inspirational, highly sharable and relevant content through shorter-form video. Ultimately, showcasing IKEA’s design expertise through simple DIYs and product and seasonal inspirations.


IKEA Preparing Digital Brochure

Life at home can get pretty overwhelming at times. But stress not, because the 2014 Preparing Digital Brochure is your new life coach. This user-friendly guide identifies common day-to-day domestic roadblocks and offers up simple solutions that help one stay “ahead of the curve.” From ingenious organizational products to getting comfortable with textiles, each page is chock full of inspiring ideas that make everyday living easier. The brochure is organized around specific areas of the home (e.g., Bedroom, Hallway, Workspace), and even includes a college guide to help students create a home away from home.


IKEA Refreshing 2015 Digital Brochure

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Creative. Let’s Go! The 2015 Refreshing Digital Brochure takes us through a four-step process (though not necessarily in chronological order) to rediscover the pleasures of spring and summer at home. The brochure begins by guiding viewers through a winter-to-spring swap that uses organizational furnishings to banish clutter and put the new season front and center. Home renovations take center stage in the second section, with a variety of projects ranging from small to large. Next up is beautiful inspiration for a seasonal décor refresh using textile and décor, which is followed by a how-to guide for successful summertime entertaining and backyard lounging that includes everything from outdoor furnishings to cookware to tableware.


IKEA Refreshing 2014 Digital Brochure

The 2014 Refreshing Digital Brochure turned the spotlight on everyone’s favorite outdoor activity: entertaining. From backyard bbqs to a traditional Swedish midsummer celebration, this brochure puts it all on the table, from furnishings to dinnerware to décor. In keeping with the Refreshing season, a second section is dedicated to quick, easy one-day makeovers for the living room, bedroom and bathroom. The final section takes us out back to “break ground” on some simple gardening projects. Boasting enticing visuals and peppered with helpful tips, the 2014 Refreshing Digital Brochure is the ultimate guide to warm-weather living.


IKEA 2015 Holiday Guide

For this year’s IKEA holiday guide, we had to fit all of our big ideas and seasonal inspiration into a layout that put mobile users first. That meant rethinking the size of images and amount of copy, as well as the functionality and interactive components. The result was a combination of user-friendly galleries, videos and tips that highlighted how each product can help a holiday home—all woven together through the IKEA Global theme of life in and around the kitchen.


IKEA 2014 Project Guide

“This year is about making your home work, look and feel better.” So begins the 2015 Nesting Digital Brochure. In this year’s version of our seasonal release, we took a different approach and created a comprehensive “project” guide. With IKEA products as the focus, we promoted quick, simple ways to make home a more organized, beautiful and comfortable place. The guide covers every area of the home, from the bedroom and bathroom to workspaces and kids’ areas. With its inspiring imagery, user-friendly format and concise, insightful copy, it serves as an indispensable guide to a better everyday life at home.