BG’s Erica Nardello to Speak at #ConvenePHL’s “Beyond the Event: Keeping the Momentum” Meet-Up pn

PHILADELPHIA (June 24, 2016)– Brownstein Group Social Media and Digital Content Supervisor Erica Nardello will be one of the featured speakers at #ConvenePHL’s “Beyond the Event: Keeping the Momentum” Tuesday, June 28 at Pipeline Philly.

Nardello, along with Arielle Tannenbaum from Buffer, Tony Abraham (@tonyabraham) from Generocity and Roberto Torres(@TorresLuzardo) from, will discuss how you can leverage the events and programs you host to live beyond event day. How can you take the energy, conversation, and momentum of your events and share them with a wider audience while keeping attendees engaged?

Attendees are encouraged to bring their challenges,ideas and best practices as the speakers discuss ways to maximize an event’s potential by creating connection points, online and otherwise, that help you connect with your audience and attendees post-event and in between events.

About #ConvenePHL: Each quarter we convene the city’s most seasoned and newest community event planners to share best practices, challenges and opportunities around our events.

To register for the event, click HERE